Grantee Reporting

The Frances R. Dewing Foundation requires grantees to submit documentation of how grant monies were spent and what they accomplished with the grant. A report must be submitted by the grantee within one year of the date of the grant and, for a multi-year grant, every year on the anniversary of the original grant.

Step One: Complete the online reporting form that follows below.

Step Two: After submitting the reporting form, complete your report by sending the following materials via email to [email protected]

  • A financial report for the project that includes the original budget submitted with the grant request and the actual funds spent. Please submit the document in PDF file format.
  • If the grant included funds for the production of any materials, such as curricula, brochures, surveys, or programs, please email one copy of each relevant item to [email protected]. If it cannot be emailed due to file size or other constraints, please mail a copy to the foundation at the following address, and reference your grant report.

    Frances R. Dewing Foundation
    P.O. Box 26068
    Alexandria, VA 22313

  • Optional: email or mail any additional grant-related photos or project/program materials in jpeg or PDF file format.